Yesterday was one for the books! For Colter’s birthday experience, we hiked to Pacaya volcano, and the kids roasted marshmallows and pizza in a lava bed.
For the way up, we hired horses to take the kids and Tev and I hiked. Given the fact that our pace was being set by a couple of college ultramarathoners, and the horses with the kids kept up with them, the hike was grueling. I was constantly trying to catch up to the kids, because I couldn’t even see them anymore, and they never stopped for breaks! Add in that once at the top there was thick fog, and we were walking into the unknown.
But while we were roasting the marshmallows a tender mercy brought wind, and blew the clouds away so we could see the amazing wonder we were standing under! I was so, so grateful, and could have stayed up there forever watching lava chunks fly and sizzle down the mountain. When Tev asked if we will get any closer to the lava flows, our guide said “no no no, porque Pacaya es loco!”
For the hike down we were racing the sun, and the sun won. We all slid and ran down the sooty trail as quick as we could, but it was amazing to look back and see the glowing lava spitting out the top and dribbling down the sides of the volcano in the dark.
I’m grateful for that amazing, awful, memorable, wonderful experience yesterday. ? -Jill

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