Ruinas De Tenam Puente

We stopped in Comitán so we could visit a few sites near the border. It was amazing to see this city called Tenam Puente, with steps leading to 5 terraces. We climbed all over and enjoyed having the place to ourselves.

Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez

Antigua, Guatemala was one cool city. Walking the cobblestone streets, you come across a different ancient church or ruin at every corner. I’d love to go back and take more time there someday!

ChocoMuseo Guatemala

From where the beans come from to making our our bar, we know allll about chocolate now! Did you know that the cacao fruit grows right on the trunk of the tree, with no stem? And it can be red, yellow, or green. The seeds take on the classic chocolate color and taste after being fermented and roasted. Now you know 🍫

Yesterday was one for the books! For Colter’s birthday experience, we hiked to Pacaya volcano, and the kids roasted marshmallows and pizza in a lava bed.
For the way up, we hired horses to take the kids and Tev and I hiked. Given the fact that our pace was being set by a couple of college ultramarathoners, and the horses with the kids kept up with them, the hike was grueling. I was constantly trying to catch up to the kids, because I couldn’t even see them anymore, and they never stopped for breaks! Add in that once at the top there was thick fog, and we were walking into the unknown.
But while we were roasting the marshmallows a tender mercy brought wind, and blew the clouds away so we could see the amazing wonder we were standing under! I was so, so grateful, and could have stayed up there forever watching lava chunks fly and sizzle down the mountain. When Tev asked if we will get any closer to the lava flows, our guide said “no no no, porque Pacaya es loco!”
For the hike down we were racing the sun, and the sun won. We all slid and ran down the sooty trail as quick as we could, but it was amazing to look back and see the glowing lava spitting out the top and dribbling down the sides of the volcano in the dark.
I’m grateful for that amazing, awful, memorable, wonderful experience yesterday. 🌋 -Jill

One of the fun things about staying in this area was meeting some of the kindest retired expats. Stanley was a Waldorf P.E. teacher for 30 years, and still teaches the local children some circus skills. He let our kids practice with the Devil’s Eye toy, and Ellie has gotten good enough that she can do some tricks!

Lago de Atitlán

Yesterday we took a boat across Lake Atitlan to our new house for the week. This town has a totally different feel from the last, and we are definitely enjoying the views 🗻

Reserva Natural Atitlán

Went to the Reserva Natural Atitlan yesterday afternoon, and it ended up being a really fun place! We all loved the cable bridge hike, seeing spider monkeys, the butterfly dome, and the kids playground with a zipline.

Lago De Atitlan, Panajachel, Sololá

Our tourist visa in Mexico was up, so we headed to Guatemala! We found a lovely old cottage with hammocks and a trampoline and 50 different types of plants everywhere, and it’s absolutely lovely. The first 24 hours were a bit rough, with finding scorpions, biting ants, power and water outages. But the quiet calm, beautiful views, and kind people completely made up for it.

Cenote Ik Kil

Cenote Ik Kil, one of those gorgeous places on earth that has been ruined by tourism. Which I get, because I saw a picture and said to myself, “I want to go THERE”. But to access the cenote water you either have to jump off the edge 8 feet or climb down one of two wooden ladders. And there were about 150 people down in this cave that smelled like wet people (we should’ve ran when we saw all the tour busses in the parking lot), and the little kids wouldn’t or couldn’t get in safely and let us know how they felt about it. Sooo, all of those big enough to do so took a jump or two in, and off we went to drive home to the pool.

At least my picture is gorgeous and serene 😉