Isla Blanca, Playa Mujeres

The awesome @noahrasheta took Jill up for a paramotor flight on Friday right at sunset. They took off right from the beach at Isla Blanca. It was a dream come true for Jill. Thanks Noah! … Ez was real angry about it. You can hear him a bit at the end of the video. I’m not sure if he wanted his mother back, or just his turn to fly? ? … Today is Jill’s birthday. And our 12th anniversary was just a few days ago. I can’t express how grateful I am to have this awesome woman in my life. Jill is nurturing and a wonderful mother; so capable, artistic, and a natural leader; plus supportive of me and my business, adventurous, and committed to living an extra-ordinary life. Sometimes I just watch her work, in awe of her and the fact that she chose to create a life with me a dozen years ago. I’m excited for dozens more!
– Tevya

Xel Ha (shell-ha) was just so great it deserved another picture… Or two!

Check out that waterslide tower! I kept telling Ellie it wasn’t a steep slope, so it wasn’t scary. But it whips you around that constant curve so fast you really build up some speed and ride way up on the side of the slide from the centrifugal force. But she was still brave and went a 2nd time. Though she came out of the 2nd one Oru upset, she would have gone a 3rd if the tower hadn’t closed earlier than we realized. -Tevya

Xel-Ha Park

@xelhapark was really special! It was our experience Christmas gift, in place of getting “things” (since we can’t fit any more in our 2 suitcases). Waterslides that wound around a lighthouse, snorkeling, bike rides through the jungle, zip lines into the water, tree forts, and all the food we could eat, made for a pretty special day. We didn’t even get pictures of the best stuff, we were too busy having fun. Ellie was the most skeptical of not getting toys for Christmas, but by the end of the day said “can we come back here for Christmas every year?” -Tev

Playa del Carmen México

You know when you meet someone who has an amazing presence, and you just want to spend more time with them? Suz is just that kind of woman, who on top of being a positive and encouraging influence also taught 3 of my kids to be fantastic swimmers. We took the opportunity to do an open water swim lesson, and it was such a great experience! We sure are going to miss you, @swimwithsuz !

Lido Beach Club

Beach, ocean, drinks, food, Friday night. No kids. Must be #datenight – Tevya

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Today was sweet Ellie’s golden 8 birthday, and she got baptized! It was so fun celebrating with friends and family and our ward.

It was one of those days that I didn’t have all the answers on specifics as to how things would happen because I don’t know the customs and traditions, but I am so proud of Ellie for being adaptable and willing to roll with things being different from what maybe thought. The important part was the covenant she made with her Heavenly Father, and the rest was really fun fluff. In Lorelai’s words, “my sisters birthday was the best day ever!” I’m so grateful for a worldwide church in our travels!

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

It was a Thanksgiving like no other, with swimming, ham dinner, and Frozen 2 in the theater. The feeling is the same though, so incredibly grateful for this life and the many blessings we experience. ?

Cozumel, Mexico

An awesome beach day on the island of Cozumel where we met up with some new friends!

Parque La Ceiba

We’re just on the tail end of rainy season here, and I’ve really enjoyed most of it. The rain comes and goes, most of the time it just depends on which cloud you are under, and then only really lasts 5-15 minutes. Some days have been gray and cold, but they are followed by sunshine the next. It’s been a good lesson on keeping perspective.
Today the kids went to a day camp type if activity at one of the only real parks in town. When I picked them up, the rain came fast and hard while they finished up their activity under the palapa, and by the time they were done so was the rain. ?️?️?️?