Pike Lake State Park

We made it to the land of lakes, and oh how we love it! We tried out Pike Lake for Tevya’s birthday. A big crowd came out to celebrate with us ?, we survived a torrential downpour for 20 minutes, and then kept on enjoying the day. Summertime is the best! #38looksgoodonyou #4thofjuly?? #hbd❤️

Waukesha, Wisconsin

All the beautiful farmhouses with red barns and silos make my heart pitter-patter ?

Rising Sun Campground

The wind at Rising Sun point in Glacier was blow you over intense. And the kids loved it. ?

Tevya & Jill Washburn Family

Glacier National Park

Yesterday we stopped at Glacier National Park on our way to Wisconsin. We found out that Lorelai likes to jump as she hikes, and then she can go for miles! ?

Lake Cour’d’alene, ID

Sunset on Lake Cour’d’alene, ID.

It was nice to get away from the kids for an evening and walk the boardwalk. -Tevya

#travelfamily #digitalnomad #nomadfamily

Joseph, Oregon

Yesterday we stopped at Wallula lake for dinner and a car break. A few weeks ago we were in Wallowa Valley, OR near the “little Alps,” where this picture of us was taken. Both are not far from Walla Walla.
Try saying “Wallula, Wallowa, Walla Walla” 10 times, fast. -Tevya

#travelfamily #digitalnomad #nomadfamily

TEVYA ⭐⭐⭐⭐
3D Tetris level achieved: MASTER

Jill ?????
Konmari level achieved: GRAND MASTER

All our remaining stuff in a 5×10′ storage unit. #seeyouinayear #maybe2 #travelfamily -Tevya

Home free.

We made one last stop to let the kids say goodbye to the house. This was the longest we’ve ever lived in the same area with the same friends and ward. After a good cry (from all) and a good lunch, we are on our way. Life will never be the same.

For the last two days we’ve worked our tails off and sold pretty much everything at a moving sale. It is both exhilarating and a bit sad. My thoughts have bounced between – This is awesome! We’re making bank! – How did we accumulate so much stuff? – our stuff looks awful and beat up, good thing we’re just getting rid of it – guess after 5 years I’m letting go of that project – I’ll miss that pretty little knick-knack – I’m so exhausted, why are we doing this?? – I’m so excited for this new adventure – …and on and on. All I know is, it feels right. And I’m glad we didn’t sell our mattress. #launchin21days ?