Jordanian Dinar, Israeli Shekels, US Dollars. All needed for a border crossing from Israel for 2 days in Jordan.

Jerusalem, Israel

After 4 miles of walking, we were pretty glad for the yummy street food my sister Brooke picked up along the way in the old city ?

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Woman worshipping at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre along some of the native rock of Golgotha. -Tevya

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Ezra took his first selfie! #westernwall #jerusalem

Making a will and modifying life insurance sucks! It’s just the worst mentally, to have to contemplate all that. Technology is helping make the process of creating a will (and related stuff) better, but theorizing about what your kids life would be like without you is absolutely horrible. Technology can’t fix that.
We did all that, like big kids, tonight. But I’ll be glad to put that thinking behind us for at least a while…. -Tevya

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Got my home screen all ready for our travels (plus one for work) over the next few months! The adventure starts Thurs when Jill, Ezra, and I fly to Israel for 10 days! -Tevya

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